On Sunday, August 31 of Labor Day weekend, the Bonneville Performance Triumph Factory team was back in Springfield, Illinois for the 2nd Springfield Mile AMA Pro Flat Track race of the season. This is the only venue that hosts 2 races every year and was historically the most important race of the flat track season. We improved on our performance of the Springfield Mile 1 on Memorial Day weekend, and finished in 11th place, after winning third in our heat race and transferring to the GNC Main Event.

Springfield Mile 2 – Photo Journal

Pit Area Setup


Steve Gately and VETM pit crew member Eddie setting up the pit area, readying the bikes.


Prepping the Bonneville Performance Super Trackers for race day.


Eddie had the tool table all set up and organized for us!


This force exiting this exhaust will whip your clothes even at 20 feet away! You’d better wear ear plugs too!


Yep, that pretty much sums it up! We’re ready to race!

VETM Pit Crew Volunteers


That’s VETMotorsports Founder & Executive Director, Peter Cline setting up the VTM banner in our pit area. These guys are a joy to work with and we do everything we can to support and spread their mission!


These sweet T-Shirts were available for purchase from VETM all day… only $20!


Special thanks go to wounded veteran Eddie for his volunteer help in the pit area on race day, and for his service to our country! Much appreciated, Eddie!

Timed Practice Sessions


Timed practice sessions give the riders a chance to run their best lap times on the track. These times are used to set up the heat races that determine who will go to the Main Event, and in what position. Here our rider Mikey Martin #91 prepares to make his first run of the day.


An incredible number of things all have to go perfectly to win an AMA Pro Flat Track event… not the least of which is concentration and focus on the part of the rider.


Between timed practice runs, the teams have a chance to fix or improve the bike performance. In this case Steve Gately tracks down an ignition system issue, and fixes it.


A later practice run reveals the ignition issue is solved and a good lap time is recorded.


Here Mikey Martin #91 passes Logan Myers #24 on the long straightaway in front of the grandstands during a practice run.

Heat Race #1


Based upon his best practice run lap time, Mikey is placed in the first heat race with a number of former national champion racers including Henry Wiles #17 and Bryan Smith #42


Mikey’s heat race had to be stopped due to a red flag – a rider down.

Mikey Martin #91 leading Sammy Halbert #7 and Wyatt Maguire #16.


After the heat race restart, Mikey placed 3rd which automatically transferred him to the GNC Main Event.


Shayna Texter #25a on the Latus Motors Triumph lining up for her heat race.

Open Paddock

When a rider is able to transfer to the main, the schedule gets a bit more relaxed because the team sits out all of the semi-final races. More attention can be given to preparing the bike and to the fans during open paddock.


Mikey Martin #91 autographing posters for fans and well-wishers.


It’s amazing how many fans want to see Triumph do well and get on the podium! There is a lot of Triumph brand support out in the heartland of America!


Team owner and master Super Tracker builder Bill Gately finding a reason to smile with a team supporter.


We also had a special visitor in our pit area… Steve Bidlack from Triumph Motorcycles brought his family for their first AMA Pro Flat Track race experience. In photo left to right: Bill Gately, Bonneville Performance team owner; Christy Cottrell, Horsepower360; Steve Bidlack, Triumph Motorcycles.


The new Triumph logo branding was featured in our pit area.

I Rode the Mile – Special Event

The “Class of 79” sponsored a fundraising event at the Springfield Mile. For a donation, the contributor could ride a motorcycle around the Springfield Mile just before Opening Ceremonies. Our own PR Publicist, Christy Cottrell of Horsepower360 went around with Mikey Martin #91 on a Bonneville Performance customer bike, a modified 2008 Bonneville Black, complete with BP Mikuni Carb Kit, Oil Cooler Kit and Oil Pressure Gauge Kit.


Mikey Martin #91 and Christy Cottrell of Horsepower360.

The Main Event


Crew Chief Steve Gately discussing bike setup and strategy for the GNC Main Event based upon Mikey Martin’s feedback during his 3rd place finish in his heat race.


Chain master link, safety wired.


A rear sprocket change is also ordered.


A new rear Dunlop tire is mounted. Steve Gately is shaving the rubber to ensure an optimum grip for the GNC Main.


Mikey Martin #91 preparing his helmet for the GNC Main Event.


Keeping the engine cool and the tires warm!


Eddie, our wounded vet pit crew helper and team owner Bill Gately have the Bonneville Performance Super Tracker #91 ready for the GNC Main Event.


Bill Gately, Steve Gately, Mikey Martin #91 and VETM Pit crew member Eddie in line for introductions at the GNC Main Event.


Game face.


Mikey Martin #91 doing a little test starting before the GNC Main Event.


The Bonneville Performance Super Tracker has so much torque, it’s not hard to do a wheelie in almost any gear.


Mikey battled with Rob Pearson #27 for a good part of the 25 lap race.


Corey Texter #65 was also in the mix.


Eventually Mikey was able to put some distance between himself and these competitors, placing 11th.

After The Race


At this event there was some after race tire testing being done by various teams for Dunlop Tires. Here Corey Texter takes a run on one of our our BP Super Trackers.


More fan interactions… sometimes with entire multi-generational families like this one!


Of course there is the tear down…


The conversations with vendors and sponsors…


Did we mention there was some tire testing going on for Dunlop?

Loading the truck… there’s an order and place for everything!


As always, the U.S. Marines flag and Old Glory fly proudly over our pit area… usually one of the first things to go up, and last things to come down. Helps us keep things in perspective.

Round 14 – Springfield Mile 2 – Race Day Schedule


Springfield Mile 2 – Race Day Schedule

Click on image above to download a PDF version.

Watch the Full Final Expert GNC Main Event – Provided by Fanschoice.tv