2012 Bonneville 1200 Cafe Racer Project

Converting an air and oil-cooled Bonneville to a 1200cc carbureted cafe racer!

July 2019 – Frame & Suspension

Bonneville Performance is currently involved in converting a 2012 Bonneville into a carbureted 1200cc, air, and oil-cooled cafe racer. This first series of shop photos show our custom-designed alloy swing arm being located and set up for a mono-shock rear suspension.

Engine cases and covers in their final polished state.

More progress is made on the rear suspension and brake linkage and front engine mounts.

AUG 2019

We are making progress on our build in August. The frame is ready to be coated and we have completed the cantilvered seat design.

DEC 2019

1200cc polished engine build for our monoshock cafe racer