There is an encouraging article posted on Cycle World yesterday, written by Kevin Cameron. In it, he talks about how flat dirt track motorcycle racing may be poised for growth and attention because it is the last remaining 2 wheeled sport that is still accessible.

Dirt Track Arises? – Hope for the last two-wheeled sport that is widely accessible – By Kevin Cameron

“People in dirt track love the life. Will the coming of increased factory money and jobs change it for the better or for worse? What might be the effect of television? No one knows, but we all may be about to find out.”

We certainly hope that increased interest in our sport will be for the better: bigger crowds, more online viewers, more sponsors, better TV and online coverage, more jobs, more sales, etc. We also hope that the sport can retain its accessibility and allow the little guy to compete and work his way up the ranks on sheer talent, persistence and ingenuity.