From the Black Hills Half Mile on Tuesday, August 5th, we traveled to the next AMA Pro Flat Track mile racing event at The Indy Mile on August 8, 2014.

A Photo Journal of our 2014 Indy Mile Experience


The US Marine flag and Old Glory fly over the Bonneville Performance pit area… Always!



The Indy Mile takes place on the race track within the Indiana State Fairgrounds, during the Indiana State Fair. It also took place the same weekend as the MotoGP races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.



Bonneville Performance Super Tracker ready to race at The Indy Mile 2014



Mikey Martin #91 during timed trials.


Mikey Martin #91 autographing posters for fans

Mikey Martin #91 autographing posters for fans during Open Paddock



A fan wearing the official Indy Mile T-Shirt.



Our neighbor and fellow Triumph rider, Shayna Texter, signing autographs during open paddock.



We mounted a GoPro on the Super Tracker for Mikey’s heat race… got some really nice footage in SloMo


Mikey's heat race had to be restarted due to a rider going down (He was OK).

Mikey’s heat race had to be restarted due to a rider going down (He was OK).


Mikey Martin #91 coing out of turn #4 during his heat race.

Mikey Martin #91 coming out of turn #4 during his heat race. He finished in 3rd and transferred to the Main Event.



The 4 top heat race finishers must have their bike weighed by an AMA official right after the race. We passed.



Just a couple of the enthusiastic fans who stopped by the pit area during open paddock. Always great to see and hear from them!



One of our fans named Lilly, taking a break from all the activity!



Our pit area was teaming with veterans due in part to the participation of VET Motorsports.



Getting a BP Super Tracker ready for the Main Event



Mikey Martin #91 walks to the Main Event staging area.



During races, the pit area is pretty deserted!



Main Event turn 4. Mikey Martin #91 started in the second row, worked his way to 10th, and finished in 12th. A good day of racing!


Official 2014 Indy Mile Event Schedule


AMA Pro Flat Track GNC – Indy Mile – Event Schedule

Click on the image above to download a PDF version.

Watch the Full GNC Twins Main Event Race Here