Akron, Ohio – The last we saw Mikey Martin he was on his way to the hospital with a severely broken ankle and his 2014 season was uncertain. An on track altercation at Volusia left the balance of his season on hold. Facing surgery to repair his damaged left leg, Mikey was determined to get back on the twin and win.

“Since my injury in March all I have thought about is winning! It’s all I think about, I have dreamt about it. I want it more now than ever and have trained my tail off to be better than before. I’m currently at 8% body fat and training like a mad man! I’ve had to change my workouts due to my injury and have had to adapt to different training techniques. With that I also changed my diet and the supplements I take. I’m very happy with the results and can honestly say I have never been this focused.” Says Martin in an interview before the Springfield Mile AMA Pro Racing event May 25th 2014.

Martin clocked a mid-pack qualifying session for his first time back on the Triumph Bonneville since Volusia County Florida back in March. He managed to transfer to the GNC Expert Twins Main event directly from his heat race finishing in 4th and managed quick time for the heat. While the Expert Twins Main was marred by multiple red flags Martin was aggressively dropping his times with every lap. Clearly, a top ten performance for the Bonneville Performance/Castrol/Triumph Team was short lived as Martin lost the front of the bike between turns 1 and 2 sending bike and riding skidding along the track at well over 100 MPH. Damage sustained to the Bonneville would prevent it from returning to competition.

When asked about his thoughts on the day team owner Bill Gately had this to say, “Mikey has done a great job this weekend, coming back from a pretty serious injury and coming here prepared and focused. He looks great and is riding well. Today was just one of those things. We will be ready for Knoxville, Iowa. I was relieved Mikey was not injured, the bike we can rebuild.”

At one point it was thought a mechanical failure may have played a part in the downed rider; however Martin says that simply wasn’t the case. “There wasn’t anything wrong with the bike, we were fast all day and were getting faster, I washed the front end and that’s all she wrote.”

Next, the team prepares for the next round of AMA Pro Racing at Knoxville, Iowa in 2 weeks.

Mikey Martin #91 and the Bonneville Performance/Castrol/Triumph Team welcome media interactions. All media sources are welcome to contact the team at

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