One of our Bonneville Performance customers from the Chicago area decided to create a custom side cover badge for his 2008 Triumph Bonneville Black. His Bonneville sports three of our most popular kit products: Mikuni Carb Kit, Oil Cooler Kit and our Oil Pressure Gauge Kit increasing the performance, cooling efficiency and increased rider knowledge of the engine’s oil pressure condition.

Randy, a designer and illustrator by background, used the “Triumph Triangle” as a starting place, combined it with our own Bonneville Performance logo, and added some additional information using Adobe Illustrator software. He had a friend laser engrave and cut the badges from a black plastic material that has a center core of white plastic using the vector file he created. The laser engraving process reveals a cool reversed-out look that we think is quite attractive!

We think you’ll agree.


Randy’s custom badge artwork


Finished engraved custom plastic badge


Custom badge mounted on Randy’s Bonneville Black side cover.


Overall view of custom badge on Randy’s 2008 Bonneville Black side cover.